Gulbaran Restaurant

Golbaran Hall of Bagh Amirkabir Arak Hotel is one of the best halls and luxury halls of Arak for holding various events and programs. This hall has an area of ​​405 square meters and a hall height of 3 meters, which allows you to arrange flowers and balloons according to your taste in this luxurious hall. The position of the chairs in the Golbaran Hall of Amirkabir Arak Hotel is optional and in other words not fixed. In this hall, you can choose various and different layouts according to your schedule, such as theater and cinema plans, banquets, coming-of-age parties, and classroom plans. Have a formal arrangement, cocktail party and banquet, and organize events such as conferences and seminars, scientific and specialized meetings, meetings and business meetings, holding weddings, birthday parties and funerals in the best possible way, so that the pleasure of this The party will remain in the minds of your guests forever. Beautiful lighting, attractive decoration and open space are among the advantages of choosing Amir Kabir Arak Hotel’s Gol Baran Hall. By reserving the flower hall of Amirkabir Arak Hotel, upon request, you can benefit from the services of flower arrangement, wireless microphone, performance of art and light dance programs, register desk and signboard stand.  If you intend to hold an exhibition in the main hall of Golbaran Arak, you can also use the back-up hall or its side hall if needed.

working hours:
Daily: 12:30 PM to 11:30 PM
The last order of the kitchen: 10:45 p.m
For reservation and more information, please call 086-33124061.

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